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Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Looks like the ultimate warp zone brought us the ultimate Saturday Morning Cartoon Show."

Happy Saturday everyone! Break out your Power Gloves and stock up on your potions, because we're following Kevin down the rabbit hole into Videoland for two hours of Captain N: The Game Master

Of all the cartoons based on video games, and there are myriad, we've had more requests for Captain N than anything, which I love, because it shows that there are many of us who have no problem enjoying something as geeks that is ridiculous and flawed without driving ourselves crazy over the glaring inconsistencies between the games we play and the animated interpretation of them. Well done, nerdlingers! ;) I'm proud of us all.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of this show, the adventures begin when young Kevin Keene lives the dream of many a gaming culture forefather and gets sucked through his TV into Videoland, where he not only gets to use his Nintendo brand accessories to save the day on numerous occasions, but also enter into a "will they?/won't they?" pseudo relationship with the resident princess. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Zack Morris. Kevin and his new friends do have an overarching mission to restore Princess Lana's father to the Videoland throne, but they usually end up wandering around different worlds and do-gooding with random guest stars, like today's not-quite-video-game-heroes Bo Jackson and Larry Bird. I'm not kidding about that. You're in for quite a thing.

Now, if you've yet to listen to today's show, you've yet to get in the know about the latest, and I must say coolest addition to the SMCS universe. Our beloved DJ Beta has started a blog, Beta Is Dead, in which he can fully vent about all of the things in our featured cartoons that either get his goat or he loves with a fiery passion that burns his very soul. I also suspect there will be other goodies posted from time to time, so bookmark this bad boy, subscribe to the RSS feed, and get even more vitamin B in your 'toon lovin' day.

As always, you can make your requests any time of the day or night via comments on this blog, our e-mail, or the SMCS Facebook page, all of which can be found if you look to your left. Handy, no? Now that we're done for the day, there's naught left but to say "See you next week for dino-riffic mayhem with Transformers!" but since I just said it there's no need to repeat myself.

Have a great week and enjoy!

- DJ Muppet

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