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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Podcast for 05/24/08 - Dinosaucers & Bonus Material

Good morning, everyone, young and old! Those of you not in Kalamazoo may not fully appreciate my unusually high level of giddiness. Heck, many of you in Kalamazoo may not appreciate it, but I am giddy nonetheless in a way that only comes once a year. What, you may well ask, can cause such a generally happy gal such as myself to be so supercalifragalistically enthused to be alive? It's Moped Army BBQ Weekend, baby!

Not everyone in town has such fondness for these two-wheeled sometime hooligans, but I've had nothing but love from these folks (Well, except for that one guy from Creatures Of The Loin who I just don't get along with for some reason). BBQ Weekend just makes me happy, knowing that so many people are having such a good time with dear friends they may only get to see once or twice a years is just great. So today's show, even though it's Dinosaucers, is dedicated to the guys and gals of the Moped Army who bring me so much joy just by rolling into town. Special audio lovin' to the menfolk of The Bourbon Bandits, who heaped me with praise and buttons last year. My backpack is still well decked out. ;)

On with the show!

So, Dinosaucers? Not exactly Aristotelian discourse on the nature of man masquerading as pies in the face. Today was just one fit of absurdity after another, which means there's not a ton of informational banter, but you'll be thoroughly amused nonetheless. I'll post the bonus material once I'm home and have access to the good stuff.


- DJ Muppet

UPDATE: Here's your bonus material. :) A little treat from the Netherworld.

Beetlejuice - Skeletons In The Closet

Sandworms, you know I hate 'em.