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Saturday, February 28, 2009

By the power of Grayskull, I have The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show!

Happy WIDR Week, loyal listeners! Today is a celebration of all the things that make WIDR and The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show awesome. Even our most long-standing audience members will be shocked and giddy with delight at the amount of fan service we managed to cram into a single show. ;) Seriously, it's pretty impressive. There are also a number of theme songs making their debut on the show today, so if you don't usually download the podcasts, this is the day to change that.

As you're no doubt already aware, this week's cartoon is none other than the equally loved and mocked He-Man & The Masters of The Universe, featuring everyone's favorite whiny, scheming, bone based villain, Skeletor. Beta does a pretty good impression too, which makes today's show a lot of fun, even though much - okay, all - of our talk time is spent asking for your help in keeping WIDR running. If you've yet to make a donation and would like to, you can call the station at (269)387-6303 until Sunday at midnight to make a pledge or use this direct link to the WIDR page on the WMU donation system to give via credit card. Every single dollar helps keep the shows you love on the air and is niftily tax deductible. If you make a donation of $10 or more, you'll get your very own copy of the 2009 WIDR Week SMCS Mix CD, lovingly put together by yours truly. If you donate online or through another show, let me know via e-mail with your contact info (and screenshot/receipt for online payments) and I'll make sure you get your CD. And of course a huge thank you to the people who have donated already! You are the only reason we get to do what we do and we're so very grateful.

Since we didn't provide our usual infotainment fodder of history and cultural significance for He-Man, I figured those of you who were interested in deeply detailed information about the Masters of The Universe universe would do well with one of the most comprehensive fan sites in existence, Not only do they have in-depth analysis of each series, movie, and comic book run, they also have the most up-to-date information about existing and upcoming toy lines. What? So I want Teela and Evil-Lyn dolls to pose in battle on my desk. Is that so wrong? I already have a Teela from the original run you know. ;)

Podcast for 02/28/09 - He-Man & The Masters of The Universe

I also though the more hardcore leaning He-Man afficionados - and, heck, just the people who like pointing and laughing - would dig this recent post in the Live Journal community Scans Daily featuring He-Man and Superman in what could easily be termed a Battle Royale. I saved it all week for you and was so geeked to share! Unfortunately, Scans Daily was just suspended. I have no doubt that it'll be back up sooner rather than later, as it has a very active and vocal population, but still, harumph. It seemed like a sensible thing to give you the link and hope for the best, so that's just what I did. If someone had the wild hare to make this sucker, the people should not be deprived of it.

Tune in next week for another journey back to the surprisingly warped world of the 1960's when we whisk you away to a land populated by ineffectual witches, talking crockery, and music that can't help but inspire illicit behavior. What strange land is this, you may well be asking? In the galaxy populated by the minds of Sid and Marty Krofft, the first show they produced, H.R. Pufstuf, stands the test of time as a deliciously out there romp through the transition between the 60's and the 70's, which for those of us who watched a lot of Laugh-In is an impressive feat. This is a week you'll want to listen with friends, if for no other reason than to have someone with which to share that feeling of "What?!?" Your brain will thank me. 

The sun is out and spring is coming, so after you've had your fill of cartoonery, go outside and enjoy!

- DJ Muppet

P.S. Check back in a couple of days or subscribe to our feed, because I'm going to be posting some bonus material music that fans of Chuck Jones will not want to be without. Ain't I a stinker? :p