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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Goldarn brickle bush. Eh! I've got brickles in The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show

As Halloween grows ever nearer and more of us scramble to get just the right costume - my sassy pirate costume was a complete bust, so any ideas? - The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show is just giddy to bring you two more specials to inspire, educate, and possibly horrify, but that's due more to the idea of beating up a child for a Members Only jacket. Seriously, Alvin, what's up with that?

The first hour has a quintessential eighties tales of fear, isolation, and redemption, all wrapped up in the kind of vapid scheme only Alvin Seville could both come up with and be party to through multiple musical numbers. Kid's got a screw of two loose, am I right? ;) Simon, Theodore, good luck with that one.

The second half of the show will undoubtedly provide you with far more of a challenge to the way you thought the world worked. If you ignore the production dates and only pay attention to the points given in the plot, Halloween Is Grinch Night clearly comes after How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Beta had a poor reaction to the realization of The Grinch's backsliding ways. It's a harsh reality in which the healing power of song and roast beast only lasts through the new year. Personally, I blame the addictive properties of the sour-sweet wind. Below the entry you'll find the YouTube vids of this special. Normally I wouldn't post a complete cartoon we'd just done, but since such a fine work is so rarely seen on TV anymore, I wanted to make sure those unfamiliar with it would get at least a passable visual. Obviously the DVD is better, but that one's on you. I can't run around buying you guys copies of everything I think you should see.

We've had a request for a specific Treehouse of Horror, so we'll definitely be doing that one, but if you have one you'd like we might be able to do a full day of ghoulish Simpsons fun. As always, any other requests are totally welcome. :) We love specials and we love it when we know we're playing ones you guys dig. I also wanted to once more mention our newly founded Facebook group, which we would love you to join, since that's a great place to not only get to know other SMCS fans, but also conveniently make requests for upcoming shows. We're cool like that.

Have a great week, everyone!

-DJ Muppet