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Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Okay, Merle, bring on The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show!"

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully you heeded my pleas last week and have returned to us in one piece and unscathed, ready for 52 more weeks of animated awesomeness. I know I have.

Due to a technical snafu, we were unable to bring you Underdog the week as we'd originally planned, but unless you're the world's biggest Underdog fan, I think you'll be most pleased with the show we aired in its stead, Blazing Dragons. It's historical, it's irreverent, and it's made by Monty Python alum Terry Jones. Totally sweet, no? He's such a delightful geek for and about this era and it shows in the quality of the writing and general ambiance of this show. 

My guess is that most of our American listeners never got to experience the show, but even if you have, you're still in for quite a treat. This is a great cartoon for radio, but the animation and physicality that makes the visual aspect so much fun should also be checked out at least a little bit, so here's a nifty little sample for you. You can, of course, find the rest of the episode on YouTube.

This episode of the SMCS also features a wide variety of theme songs, many of which made their debut on the show this very day. If there's ever anything you want to hear and it's not show time, you can always e-mail us or drop a line via Facebook, the links for which you'll find just to your left. :) Please use them. We do so enjoy pandering to our audience! That goes for song and cartoon requests, so don't be shy.


- DJ Muppet