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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bump In The Night

Hey everyone! Welcome to the relaunch of The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show blog! From now on, you can get your weekly fix of the SMCS without being up on Saturday mornings or being beholden to Apple in easy to use MP3 format. By clicking the link below, you'll be taken to MegaUpload's download page for this particular episode where you can type in the provided code, wait 45 seconds, and have your very own copy to love and hug and stroke and call George. The blog will be updated with the podcast each weekend no later than Sunday night (actual time dependent on my work schedule).

Bump In The Night - 01/03/09

In addition to the podcasts of each aired show, I hope to bring you all fun websites, amusing mashups of toons we already love, and even some bonus downloadable content from time to time. You never know what wild things I may come across in my travels.

If you have requests for songs or cartoons you'd like to hear on future shows, you can e-mail us or leave comments right here. We're all about convenience. :) Enjoy!

- DJ Muppet