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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show, what a name. Kind of odd, but nice just the same.

Welcome to the first day of the Saturday Morning Cartoon Show month long celebration of the animated Halloween special! Twice a year we take a full thirty days worth of Saturdays and devote them to the most memorable and the most holiday underrated specials, and October is such a month. Hooray for Halloween! I'm unusually excited this year and not just because of 

Before we get into the meet of the show, I want to pass on a wonderful site run by my digital pal Adam Selzer. In addition to being an accomplished author, tour guide for Weird Chicago, and nattily dressed musician, Adam has also put together the wicked useful blog, chock full of not only write-ups of specials past, but also an impressive collection of video clips. If you're looking for a refresher on a partially remembered show or a summary of a completely forgotten eerie TV offering, this is the site you'll want to spend some time on. He does good work and knows Mr. Boogedy, which would have endeared him too me if I didn't already know how awesome he is. So go poke around there for a spell once you're done here and if anything tickles your fancy, let us know.

In our first hour, we bring you three classic Disney shorts: Pluto's Judgement Day, Trick Or Treat, and Lonesome Ghosts. You can make your own Ghostbusters jokes. He'll slime you, Mickey. The second hour? Oh, my friends, the second hour is one of the best cartoons to come out of the Disney machine, as well as a great adaptation of some of the earliest American literature in existance. If you guessed The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, you're so right and deserve a cookie. Curl up with your loved ones, leave a light or two on, and enjoy day one of our spooktacular offerings.

Tune in next week for more ghoulish delights, many of which our listeners specifically requested. There's still time to let us know what Halloween specials you'd like to hear, so feel free to e-mail us (address above to your left), leave a comment here, or on our newly formed Facebook group. We'd love it if you joined and we'd love it even more if you said hello. :) 

I ain't afraid of no ghosts! But I might be next week. Tune in to find my terror.

- DJ Muppet