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Friday, January 23, 2009

"And now here's Beany and Cecil in...The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show!"

Wahoo, everybody! Today's show is just a hoot and I'm positively geeked to bring it to you here on The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show blog.

If the subject heading didn't clue you in, this week's show focuses on the witty, irreverent, lovable, and other adjectives as well The Beany & Cecil Show! Can you tell this is a particular favorite of mine? Good, because it is. :) Not only do we bring you three delightful Beany & Cecil cartoons during the first hour, we were lucky enough to find a complete episode of Matty's Funday Funnies that still had all of the previews, bumpers, commercials, and teasers for the next episode to air in its entirety to air during the second. While WIDR is a non-commercial radio station, the toys advertised no longer exist (though Mattel most certainly does) and I strongly believe that a part of understanding not only animation/television culture, but also American culture is being media savvy. As such, the choice was made to keep the ads in so our listeners, many of whom would have no other opportunity to experience such targeted advertising from this era, deserved a chance to experience what was a part of everyday life for their parents and grandparents. Of course, I know that plenty of folks in our audience were around and watching these babies first run, but either way, the commercials are cool and a little bit hilarious, so have fun with them! See if you recognize any voices from your favorite cartoons in these ads as well. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Below you'll find the usual link to download the SMCS podcast, but beneath that you'll also find a little something special. I decided to offer you another hunk of bonus material this week, however this time it's in the form of another cartoon! Pretty sweet, eh? This is actually my favorite out of the assorted Beany & Cecil 'toons I found, but it seems my poor ancient computer hasn't the proper codecs to allow me the pleasure of snagging the sound for the show. But who am I to deny our fans and friends the chance to see "So What And The Seven Whatnots?" Plus it's so heavy with visual pop culture references that it really wouldn't be done justice on the air. So, you know, I highly recommend downloading this too. I had planned on including an excerpt from the original puppet show Time For Beany for you as well, but it seems that it has gone missing from my hard drive. I'll see if I can track it down again and if I do, I'll update with a link.

Podcast for 01/24/09 - The Beany & Cecil Show

Beany & Cecil short - "So What And The Seven Whatnots"

Ka-download! :) Wait until you hear how cheery Beta is. He was taken by surprise when it came to the awesomeness of Beany & Cecil and it shows.

And to i-gouge, who left a comment in our last entry (making my day, by the by), keep an ear out for some of those cheesy 60's Marvel themes you like. They fit into the show perfectly and we're not the types to deny the urges of our loyal audience, especially one's whose exposure to WIDR was so sadly short lived. ;) Let this be a lesson to you all: when you say "Jump," Beta and I say "Okie dokie!"

Tune in and stop by next week for something that many of you didn't believe existed. Unfortunately, no, not the animated version of Evil Dead: The Musical!, but something maybe even more terrifying: Steven Bochco's under appreciated foray into the animated world, Capitol Critters. What? We're bringing you Niel Patrick Harris (Dr. Horrible, woot!) and Bobcat Goldthwait (who has graced up previously on Space Ghost Coast To Coast). What more do you want from us?!? You'll eat your politically satirical rodentia and like it! No, really, it's actually pretty funny.

Thanks again for listening, dudes and lady dudes. We'll catch you next week. Enjoy!

- DJ Muppet