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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quick, run to your TVs...

...and program them to record five hours of Chuck Jones awesomeness!

Turner Classic Movies is having a mini Chuck Jones-athon tonight beginning at 8pm. Here is the full schedule, which includes a new documentary on one of the SMCS's favorite cartoon creators and - perhaps of more interest to those who follow the blog - two airings of his beloved adaptation of The Phantom Tollbooth in between a whole mess o' Loony Tunes. Since so many of our listeners dig this movie and it's so hard to find through legitimate means, it seemed like the kind of thing you'd want to be advised of. Of course, if it hadn't been for the diligent and cartoon/civic minded Mark Evanier I wouldn't have known about this at all. Do check out his blog. Comics, cartoons, and soup: go, you'll like.

I also wanted to pass along a link to a Beany & Cecil segment that amused me to know, if for no other reason that it's one more tie that B&C have to The Muppet Show and Lionel Hampton. Two very cool people/things in my book. It's called "DJ the DJ," and once you've seen it you can imagine why I enjoyed it so throughly. There are a ton of good B&C 'toons on YouTube, so have some fun exploring. I certainly did.

If you look to your left, you'll see we have a new poll up. Please, please, please vote! We can only air two episodes on any given show and since several requests have come in, I think we ought to be democratic about it. Vote on! And we'll take whatever's in the lead come showtime. ;) For a summary of what is in each episode, get your Wikipedia on.


- DJ Muppet