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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Podcast for 04/05/08 - Rude Dog

63 degrees. Seriously, you guys, I'm going home to put on shorts. Or at least I would if I owned any. As it stands, I'll probably just throw on a flouncy little skirt and find a daisy filled field in which to frolic. What? You can't judge me! Oh right, the cartoon.

Rude Dog & The Dweebs, though 100% shill-fare for a line of clothes from Sun Sportswear, is a cute, fun cartoon. The voice acting is great and, as Beta and I learned off the air, it's hysterically funny to imagine different characters voiced by the same actors in the show. "Slimer, why are you repairing that 1959 pink Cadillac?" "Animal, put that train down! What would Nanny say?" And so on. :) The storylines are simple, but definitely fulfill the requirements of basic teleplay structure, something many shows (both live and animated) disregard with unnerving regularity. It's not incredible and it's not bad, it's just a neat little 'toon that's worth taking some time with. 

The only thing that bugs me is the quasi-appropriation of ska culture slang without actual ska. Skankin' with The Dweebs? I am so there! It's California, dog, your music should be better. I know it was 1989-1990 and Powder was not yet electrifying the LA scene, but still. You could've had some Reel Big Fish. I'm just sayin' is all.

There are a couple of cool old, old theme songs in the first hour and a totally sweet Mighty Mouse theme in the second hour that took Beta by surprise with its awesomeness. With any luck, you guys will find some pleasantly surprisingly tidbits too. As always, comments are open for everyone to make requests, share cool cartoon sites, and general wreck animated mayhem. Enjoy!

- DJ Muppet