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Saturday, January 23, 2010

"I will rule the universe, even if I am the only one left in the Saturday Morning Cartoon Show."

Welcome, one and all, to a truly epic episode of The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show chock full of so many things you love: giant robots, lasers, dinosaurs, bad eighties dialogue, megalomaniacal villains of great oratory skills, etc. 

The Transformers universe is vast and multi-decaded, which is no small feat for a product type that was once thought only appealing to a Japanese audience. Begun in the 1970's, Transformers, originally known as 'Fight! Super Life Form Transformer,' made it to American audiences because Hasbro liked what they saw from Japanese toy concern Takara and it was the 1980's, so there was no reason not to make a half hour animated adventure show to sell the newly redesigned Transformer toys. Thus was Transformers (or Generation 1) born.

These are two great episodes, one of which has Beta's favorite line from the series, I do however have one small (*coughmakesmewanttofacepunchthewriterscough*) problem. Why. Does. Grimlock. Speak? Even the most non-grammatically correct people in the world don't have syntax that bad. Such effort has to be put into constructing sentences with that many mistakes in it that he comes across as someone who, for some reason, is trying to make everyone think he's a painfully stupid victim of repeated head trauma who couldn't possibly be a threat to anyone, until one day when his long brewing nefarious scheme is unleashed and he breathes fire across the globe in a terrifying cleanse of the virus we call man. But he's not really that complex! It's all a tease! Why, Transformers writers, why?!?

Ahem...sorry about that. Here are some PSAs to make up for my loss of control. And the yelling. Yeah, I yelled a bit there.

Don't forget that Beta's new blog, Beta Is Dead, has a two part write up/rant about today's featured toon and as those who read last week's article will tell you, you don't want to miss out on these beauties.

Next week we're going all out on what can most accurately be described as The Best Cartoon Of The Nineties! Argue if you like, but you're wrong. Why? Because Recess has Robert Goulet and you don't. :p Keep those requests coming and we'll see you next week. Enjoy!

- DJ Muppet

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