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Saturday, January 30, 2010

"You skipped studying for The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show?" "Doesn't everybody?"

Baby, it's colder than a well digger's hindparts out there, pretty much everywhere in the country right now, so we're doubly glad to have brought you a two hour jaunt into a world filled with sunshine, kickball, and more character development in a single episode than can be found in an entire season of Grey's Anatomy. That's right, it's Recess day! Can you tell I'm beyond stoked for this? Because I am.

I would put Recess up against any cartoon ever made and many non-animated shows for writing, depth of story, and overall quality. It is one of the few shows that can be simultaneously laugh out loud funny and heart breakingly tender. For those who grew up watching and many who came it to as adults, Recess was a spiritual successor to shows like Sesame Street and films like An American Tail that created worlds filled with real dangers, both physical and emotional, without sacrificing the humor, warmth, and ultimate sense of security that helps anyone cope with the inevitable trials of growing up. The love that was put into creating these wonderful products shows in every character and plot point, something that should be recognized as the revenue enhancer it is. If viewers have a plethora of reasons to come back every week, from laughter and musical numbers to surprise and bittersweet moments, that equals more money for whoever releases it. You can make Hannah Montana level money with a product that doesn't pander or whitewash the world. I only wish Recess had been given the chance to.

I'm including a segment from the show for those of you not fortunate enough to have actually seen this before and because any cartoon that uses one of their episodes to parody All About Eve deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. It's even cooler than the Spongebob classic movies. The fact that this gem has yet to be released on DVD (keep track of what has and has not been here) is both sad and insulting. (Hey, Disney, I want to give you my money! Why won't you let me? Why?!?) So enjoy this one. 

Oh, and as for the comparisson to Buffy I made during the show, I submit the following exchange between Gretchen, Miss Grotkey, and the rest of the class:

"Okay, so everyone who didn't do their homework last night will be challenged to a double load."

The class groans.

"And everyone who did their homework can have the night off."

"Yes! Woohoo! Um, I, the unfairness."

I rest my case. :)

Come back next week for a day of international intrigue, high flying adventures, and anthropomorphic espionage. There may even be a vampire duck, but I make no promises. Danger Mouse! And don't forget about DJ Beta's companion blog Beta Is Dead. If you've not yet checked it out, do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to do so. It's a hoot. ;)



- DJ Muppet

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martin said...

This is a fabulous show. I like and enjoy it very much.

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