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Saturday, March 21, 2009

...have we got a Saturday Morning Cartoon Show for you!

Welcome to another day of singin', dancin', and tom foolery based on the exploits of animated do-gooders. Today, my friends, is VeggieTales day and we've got vikings!

Born in 1993, the brainchild of Big Idea Productions founders Mike Nawrocki and Phil Vischer, VeggieTales has become a driving force in both Christian and mainstream cartoon production. Why? Because it's filled from stem to stern with well-rounded characters, hysterical writing, and musical numbers that would amuse The Marx Brothers. :) Whatever your religious convictions (or non-religious, for that matter), this show is smart, this show is funny, and this show understands my needs for parody of culturally significant arts and literature...and cowboys. If you've never been willing to give VeggieTales a chance, doing so today may just change your mind. If nothing else, you'll be able to say you've heard vegetables doing Shakespeare and that'll impress all the right people. It's hard to imagine that a direct to video cartoon could produce almost forty episodes, two feature length films, over two dozen CDs, and a live stage show if it sucked, you know?

For those of you show are unfamiliar with the treasure trove that is the VeggieTales silly song library, here's a sampling of their brilliance. One of our listeners requested it, but since we try not to play additional material from whatever we're highlighting, I promised to post it here instead. Bear in mind that pretty much everything from VeggieTales and the rest of the Big Idea universe are available on CD, video, and through digital sources, so piracy is not encouraged.

If you're looking for even more VeggieTales action, check out the Big Idea Fun site. It's kid friendly and, let me be totally honest here, there's plenty of stuff for the grown-up casual gamer. I've spent many a happy hour on The Eggsperts, Jerry's Cheeseburger Madness, and especially Lyle's Breakout. I once had a record on that bad boy. :) The coloring pages are pretty sweet too, though I babysit a lot and that may bias me.

I'd also like to take a moment to welcome our new UK podcast listeners. There are a whole mess of you. :) Hopefully you enjoyed last week's Bananaman outing. If there are any British, Irish, Scottish, or Welsh cartoons that you'd like the SMCS to know about, please don't be shy. Link us, baby!  

Next week we'll be stepping into our red long johns, moussing our hair with lightning bolts, and running around, arms in the air, going "Whssssshhhhhh!" If you guessed that our next cartoon was Freakazoid, give yourself a cookie! You're smart and you've earned it. ;) Now, every episode of Freakazoid is a good one, but if there's a specific episode you'd like to hear, please let us know - either in the comment here or via e-mail - by Thursday night so we can play the ones that will tickle you the most.

Have a great weekend and enjoy!

 - DJ Muppet

P.S. To our beloved listener who adopted us, I e-mailed you, but now I think it may have gone awry. Alas! Drop me a line here or through the SMCS e-mail addy and we'll get things sussed. :)


Anonymous said...

I have one episode of Freakazoid in mind, but I can't mention it out loud...

DJ Muppet said...

I see. A wink's as good as a nudge to a blind bat. ;) Emphatic ;).

DJ MedeK8 said...

You should totally play the episode that wakko and brain come on and argee about which show was Steven Spielberg's favorite. As Wakko say's when he comes on and Freakazoid ask him why he's there " Oh its ok, Steven loves it when we do stuff like this,animaniacs is his favorite"

DJ Muppet said...

Oooo, DJ MedK8, that is an awesome episode! We may have to have a vote on this one, as we've gotten a few requests. But that episode is so meta...I'm so torn! :p

DJ MedeK8 said...

Duh Da Duh, almost forgot this is Ray your friendly slurpee sales man. I don't have access to my normal email account at the moment cause I used the wrong password and wrong answer to my secret question too many times. Hopefully they only make me wait 24hrs. You can hit me at my myspace@ or for now. Actually you should add me. The wife and I listened to the CD tonight and she loved it. Now Tina wants to burn copies of some CDs she has with Cartoon themes and has promised to get up early next Saturday to listen to the show. She was stoked when i told her SMCS was getting

DJ MedeK8 said...

together a Super Mario 3 Show soon.

DJ MedeK8 said...

Tina wants to know if you guys have "Let the sun shine in" and sung by pebble and bam bam to play on the show.

DJ Muppet said...

Oh cool! I'm glad you guys are enjoying it. :) I'm thinking the Mario day will come in around a month, maybe sooner. It depends on what I can get by way of Easter cartoons.

And we definitely have that song, so we'll get it on for her, but in the second set in case her alarm gives her...trouble. ;)