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Saturday, January 17, 2009

We're creepy and we're cooky, we're The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show!

Good news, everyone! Today's installation of The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show contains all the tentacles, cauldrons, and explosions you need to complete this balanced breakfast. Seriously, this is good stuff, my friends. It's The Addams Family, for goodness sake! Animated and larger than life, which is saying something considering the shenanigans we normally get up to on this show.

If you're interested in the art of Charles Addams, his official website is a good starting place for current projects, including the Addams Family musical that's just finishing it's workshop, but as always, the Wikipedia article on him covers a lot more ground, though on a somewhat superficial level. A quick image search will provide you all kinds of cool examples of his work, both Addams Family and not. But I know you guys, you're clever enough to find plenty on your own and you want the podcast!

We also had a request from a long time listener for a song that we'd played a cover of not ten minutes before he called, so to make up for not being able to play his song, I promised to post it here. So, you know, here it is. :)

If you need help downloading any files in the blog from MegaUpload, there's a link to a spectacular tutorial from The Deuce Project blog just to your left. That bad boy'll not lead you astray. The comments section is open for anyone, with or without a screen name, so feel free to leave us a note if you're of a mind.

Next week is going to be a banner week for me, because I've adored Beany & Cecil since I was but a wee Muppet, and the urge to share this surprisingly hip and savvy show with the WIDR family has been quite strong. If you can't listen live, make it a point to either subscribe to our podcast through iTunes or to download the show here at the blog, because if you like slapstick, broad villainy, and surprisingly smart machine gun puns, this is a show tailored for you. :)


- DJ Muppet

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for maintaining this blog and podcast! Your show was one of my favorite parts about my brief stint over at WMU.

--That guy who was really into the cheesy 60s Marvel theme songs.